RealWear®, the global leader in AR hardware technology for industry, has built the first hands-free ruggedized head-mounted wearable device for Connected Worker programs, the HMT-1. RealWear has more than 350 customers worldwide in oil and gas, utilities, automotive and manufacturing. Through its growing ecosystem of 75 software providers, RealWear offers remote mentor, document navigation, industrial IoT visualization and digital workflow solutions. RealWear’s technology is shown to reduce downtime, increase productivity and improve worker safety, eliminating the need for costly or dangerous repairs.

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  1. RealWear HMT-1

    World’s first hands-free Android™ tablet class wearable computer for industri...

    Warranty: up to 24 months
    Manufacturer: Realwear

    From: 2,000.00 €

  2. RealWear HMT-1Z1

    HMT-1Z1 & Wall Charger (Intrinsically Safe)

    Warranty: up to 12 months
    Manufacturer: Realwear

    From: 5,000.00 €