Power meters

Janitza Janitza is a leader in the field of universal analyzers of electricity. For years, it has been supplying advanced measuring devices, setting new standards for competition. Devices from the Janitza portfolio can measure and analyze a number of electricity parameters such as reactive power, active power, energy consumption, cosine, higher harmonics, THD, leakage current (RCM) and many more. In addition to the energy analyzers, Janitza offer also includes electricity meters, professional energy management software, current and voltage transformers, sensors and PFC filters. The industrial design makes these devices can be widely used in many industries such as BMS systems, renewable energy applications and many others.

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  1. MID Janitza energy meters

    Energy meters compliant with MID, Modbus, M-Bus, pulse outputs

    Warranty: up to 24 months
    Manufacturer: Janitza

    From: 632.00 €