Power engineering

Modern energy is one of the key sectors of the present world without which it would be difficult to function today. High needs generate higher and higher requirements that energy services must meet. Of course, we are talking about the continuity of energy supply, the coefficients that regulate it, such as SAIDI, SAFI, but also its quality and efficiency of services. These needs are reflected in many dimensions, starting from the places of energy production, its transmission and distribution, station automation, broadly understood communication for both data and dispatcher, or the provision of appropriate tools for maintenance services. In addition, there are more and more real threats related to cybersecurity.


At Elmark Automatyka, we understand these needs and to meet them, we complete a wide portfolio of products dedicated to professional energy applications. Our specializations are:

  • Solutions for wired and wireless data transmission
  • Communication networks for substation automation in accordance with IEC 61850
  • Cybersecurity solutions
  • Computers dedicated to work in professional energy systems
  • Tablets and mobile computers for maintenance services

The solutions we offer are successfully used by our local users as well as they are recognized over the world. If the above issues are close to you, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and articles related to the industry.

Dedicated solutions