Industrial factories


Industrial plants are places where automation components are located at every step. They are often responsible for all aspects of factory operation - from automation of individual processes to production analysis and supervisory control. 

As Elmark Automatyka S.A., we are a distributor with a wide portfolio that can satisfy most, and sometimes even all, of the customer's needs. Starting from the simplest components supplying other devices, communication and data aggregating devices, programmable logic controllers, HMI panels, up to industrial computers and SCADA systems, ending with collaborative robots and servo drives.

We are able to offer a complete solution for your company, adjust it to your specific needs and provide technical support before and after purchase. Elmark Automatyka employs engineers who, having extensive knowledge of the products they support, will offer you a "tailor-made" solution to increase profits from your business. 

See examples of products grouped into thematic categories, which can be found at the bottom of the page. If you want to receive free help in choosing the right devices, please contact us at 

Dedicated devices