Warehouses are a demanding work environment. Reliability translates into no downtime at work, and in the long run, customer satisfaction and the company's turnover. The work of a warehouseman is always a rush, and where you are in a hurry, it is easy to be inattentive for a moment. Thus, the durability of the equipment becomes crucial.

The offered devices are resistant to falls from a height of up to 180 cm (depending on the model) and words, in this case, shock, vibration, and also offers IP65 ingress protection. The wide operating temperature range allows the use of these terminals in freezers

Tablets can also be an alternative to the classic manual collectors. Thanks to integrated barcode scanners and / or RFID readers (including UHF RFID), the devices not only allow for data entry, but also live preview and possible editing

Traditional terminals used on forklifts were large, heavy and permanently mounted. The tablets available in our offer are a new approach to this issue. We offer dedicated docking stations with port replication. It is possible to connect external antennas to strengthen the reception of GPS, LTE and WLAN signals. Whenever it’s needed you can unmount the tablet from the docking station and use it in places not accessible for whole forklift.

Dedicated solutions

    Getac T800

    Fully Rugged Tablet 8.1" HD Windows 10

    Price from: €1,243.00 Net price
    Getac ZX70

    Fully Rugged Android Tablet

    Price from: €849.00 Net price
    RealWear HMT-1

    World’s first hands-free Android™ tablet class wearable computer for industrial workers.