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Our company was established in 1983. “Elmark Automatyka Sp. z o.o.” was transformed into a joint stock company “Elmark Automatyka S.A.” in October 2019.

During the first few years of our activity we designed and manufactured modular microprocessor controllers "Mikroster" based on the elements of Intel-8080 and Z-80 family. Our products stood out and were generally recognized and valued on the market due to the high quality of hardware and documentation and reliability of operation.

In 1989 we commenced distribution of Advantech hardware and software and in time, we also started to distribute equipment of other leading international companies supplying elements of industrial automation systems.

At present we distribute hardware and software produced by such companies (brands) as: Acme Portable Machines, Advantech, Advantech DLoG, Advantech Equipment, Anybus, Clock Computer Corporation, DasyLab, Data Translation, DataForth, Durabook, Getac, Iconics, Icron, Janitza, MEAN WELL, Measurement Computing Corporation, Moxa, MSI IPC, Panasonic Electric Works/SUNX, RuggON, Unitronics, Universal Robots.

All our clients who purchase equipment from us are offered free of charge advisory and assistance before purchase as well as professional post-delivery technical support.

Our service department is equipped with SMD and BGA installation and maintenance tools. Having received subassemblies from our suppliers, we are able to carry out majority of guarantee and post-guarantee repairs ourselves without the need to send the equipment back to the producer.

Our company operates in three locations in Warsaw. Headquarters, industrial computers assembly plant and repair service department are located in Wesoła district at the city outskirts. Training centre is located at Bukowińska street in Warsaw. Warehouse and logistic centre is located in “City Point” business park at Targówek district. The total area of our warehouses and offices amounts to approximately 1,800 square meters.

We employ 60 highly qualified persons. Our sales numbers for the sale of products and services in the year 2019 amount was more than 20 million USD. Our database lists several thousand customers.

We believe that our profits and further development depend on the satisfaction of our clients.



Our team

  • Mirosław Zwierzyński Mirosław Zwierzyński
  • Lukasz Szymczak Lukasz Szymczak
  • Antoni Warszawik Antoni Warszawik
  • Tomasz Sokół Tomasz Sokół
  • Cezary Ziolkowski Cezary Ziolkowski
  • Mateusz Sikorski Mateusz Sikorski
  • Jarosław Molenda Jarosław Molenda
  • Marek Falkowski Marek Falkowski
  • Maciej Antosiuk Maciej Antosiuk
  • Jakub Stańczak Jakub Stańczak
  • Robert Augustynowicz Robert Augustynowicz
  • Marek Ołdakowski Marek Ołdakowski
  • Piotr Gocłowski Piotr Gocłowski
  • Kryspin Wach Kryspin Wach
  • Dariusz Molenda Dariusz Molenda
  • Bogdan Kaliński Bogdan Kaliński
  • Przemysław Strzała Przemysław Strzała
  • Aleksander Czerw Aleksander Czerw
  • Jacek Adamski Jacek Adamski
  • Kamil Grzeszczak Kamil Grzeszczak
  • Tomasz Ofiara Tomasz Ofiara
  • Michał Łęcki Michał Łęcki -
  • Arkadiusz Sulenta Arkadiusz Sulenta
  • Wiktor Susfał Wiktor Susfał
  • Jacek Bonecki Jacek Bonecki
  • Maciej Opiekulski Maciej Opiekulski Dyrektor Marketingu
  • Janusz Gil Janusz Gil Marketing
  • Joanna Mikołajczyk Joanna Mikołajczyk
  • Tomasz Gawor Tomasz Gawor
  • Grzegorz Sołtys Grzegorz Sołtys
  • Natalia Makowska Natalia Makowska
  • Alicja Dziedzic Alicja Dziedzic
  • Agnieszka Sienkiewicz Agnieszka Sienkiewicz
  • Magdalena Kisielewska Magdalena Kisielewska
  • Joanna Ołdakowska Joanna Ołdakowska
  • Paulina Jaroń Paulina Jaroń
  • Damian Stokowski Damian Stokowski
  • Dariusz Pawłowski Dariusz Pawłowski
  • Marcin Janiszek Marcin Janiszek
  • Radosław Ptasiński Radosław Ptasiński
  • Radosław Wielczyk Radosław Wielczyk

Certificates and awards

  • Elmark Automatyka Gazelle of Business 2019
  • Moxa Project Excellence Award 2018
  • ICONICS MobileHMI Product of the Year 2018
  • Moxa - Entrepreneurship Development 2018
    MEAN WELL - Distributor Certificate
    Business Credibility Certificate 2018
    Golden Player2016
    Elmark Automatyka Gazelle of Business 2016

Communication with shareholders

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Communication with shareholders